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Rich Media

Rich media is your opportunity to create flexible, creative, and interactive advertising that captures attention and drives interest.


The term "rich media" covers several types of advertising, but generally speaking it's advertising that uses either motion or interactivity. It's dynamic!


We offer a variety of rich media options on our site, although material must be provided by the client. We accept a variety of formats, including Flash, video, expandable ads, page takeovers, transitionals, floating ads and page peels.


Talk to us directly for a custom quote for your project. We will work with you to ensure your ad is seen by as many unique users as possible. We can program all rich media to serve on your schedule, whether that's daily or weekly.


For examples of rich media, click on the links below.


Page Peel. The automotive group has done many page peels and they are very popular with our users.


The rich media example on this page is called a page takeover (like the sample at the right) and what makes it especially dynamic is that its message is integrated into the actual look of the site.


Video ads are also considered rich media. Please see our separate section on video advertising here.


Rates are generally CPM-based and depend on the campaign. Contact us directly to talk about your program and get a customized quote.