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Email Marketing

EMAIL MARKETING IS IDEAL for direct response, building your own database of users, brand building, introducing a new product, creating industry buzz, launching viral marketing, driving web traffic, driving dealer or distributor sales, and recruiting personnel.


Deliver your customized message directly to the in-boxes of our highly-qualified audiences. You will have access to our subscribers and site visitors that know we are a trusted e-mailer so your message will be well received. We only send well-vetted messages, protect the privacy of our subscribers, and are in complete compliance of all federal regulations and best practices.

All pre-designed blasts should be done in a professional manner and they must be approved by Bobit Business Media. In order to keep your campaign effective and to protect the reputation and quality of service that Bobit Business Media has built with their subscribers, your campaign must be at a high graphical quality and layout. We reserve the right to refuse any pre-design of poor quality.


We can send your designed promotional material to our readers or we can help design and deploy a promotion for you. Any promotions deployed/sent by email to our readers must carry certain information that allows readers to not receive them (to "opt out"). Because of the strict nature of spam laws as well as the sensitivity of email lists, we are very careful what we send to our readers and how often we send material. This caution assures that your message is seen in an environment of credibility.


We have an email subscriber list of over 135,000 highly responsive names. We can deploy your creative, or we can help you create material from scratch. We offer custom programsenewsletter advertising, Breaking News sponsorships.


MAKE SURE YOUR MESSAGE GETS THROUGH.  If you’re sending email promotions, be aware of factors that can cause your email to not be delivered or to be labeled as possible spam. Using quotation marks, dollar signs and exclamation points in subject lines will frequently trigger spam filters, as well as using all capital letters. You should also never put a toll-free number in the subject line or use a font size larger than 2+, or you could trigger some spam filters. One of the easiest things you can do to avoid being labeled spam is to eliminate triggering words. Click here for a list of common spam-triggering words. We've created these Best Practices guidelines for email design.

REAL-TIME PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT. We can show you how well your material is doing and allow you to modify creative or copy, deploy at different times, or even test two campaigns. Three weeks after an email campaign, we can provide you with a report on how many recipients opened your email, how many clicked through to your landing page. We encourage you to use specific offers that YOU can track performance by as well (offer codes, unique URLs, landing pages).